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Our Mission

JewelsN'Abundance Outreach Ministries sole purpose is helping and serving people.  We are a Kingdom-Minded Ministry intentional in our efforts of serving the people in our surrounding communities. Also, we endeavor to connect with like-minded people of God, to share our resources as we aim to serve the people of God as we give God all Glory, Honor, and Praise through the gifts He has bestowed upon us. We aim to​ serve through events, conferences, programs, advocacy and outreach endeavors and other ministerial services.  Jewels want to connect with you. Join our movement by joining us at one of our planned events. Coming Soon

501C3 Non-profit.

Welcome to Jewels!

We are pleased that you decided to stop by and visit our website.

We want you to know that we look forward to connecting with you at one of our many sponsored programs. We are here and ready to extend to you a warm greeting and look forward to our fellowship.

We believe in making a mark that cannot be erased from the Kingdom. We further believe that we share common values.

Vision : Our goal is to "Make a Difference" in the lives of each individual, one "Jewel " at a time.

Mission: Connecting, Encouraging, Engaging Equipping, and Empowering one another in the Spirit of Love and Unity through workshops, Chat N' Chews, Group Sessions, Conferences, Programs, Advocacy, Outreach, Spirit and Fun-filled events. Our team members are a diverse group of anointed individuals with a wide range of skills and expertise.

We don't just stand on the sidelines, we get engaged in our communities. We truly believe that we can do more together rather than alone  and we will make a great impact for the Kingdom of God. We would love for you to join us at one, if not all, of our outreach advocacy endeavors and sponsored events ! Jewels will now be under main ministry; Kingdom Life Fellowship Ministries.  Please for all updates, stay posted to the new website which is currently under new construction.

You are the light the world needs to see .

Scriptures: Matthew 5:16 | Malachi 3:17 | 1 Peter 2:9

Our Services

Please see a brief description of our services below


Welcome to Jewels Ministry Services information page. Our goal is to provide the very best in ministry services. Connecting, empowering, teaching, advocating, mentoring, and sponsoring programs and fun and spirit-filled trips. Because our standards are high, our love for God's people and one another compels us to serve in EXCELLENCE! Our goal is to always deliver in that manner; to serve in Love. This is our pledge to those of you who connect with us and to those who entrust their youth to be taught by us. We want you, our valued customer, to be happy with our services. Here is a SHORT / COMPLETE list of our services.


Gems Dance Outreach & Mentor Program

Jewels Rock! - Gems Dance Outreach and God's Girls Mentor Program

Jewels Rock! - Gems Dance Outreach & Girls Mentoring Program is designed to teach girls ages 5 yrs to ages 18 to the ministry of dance and to yield their bodies as vessels of praise unto the Lord. They will learn about dance styles and minister in dance specific to their age. They will learn how to be team players. They will minister at various programs and events sponsored by Jewels as well as minister in dance at outside programs and events in way of invitation from other ministries. We don't just teach the girls to dance, but we mentor them as well. Our mentoring program will teach them principles applicable for their age group. such as: self-esteem, etiquette, social and life-skills based on biblical principles. We have a wonderfully experienced, gifted and anointed team to impart and teach them. One Gem at a time! If interested in enrolling your youth  to join Gems and to learn more about our program, send an email to:

Jewels RealTalk

Jewels RealTalk is where we talk and/or discuss real-life issues backed up or based on life-experiences and biblical priniciples through teleconference. It's one hour of "RealTalk." We have anointed speakers, we invite to come in their own God-given way to teach, preach, and discuss on specific topics that are relevant, spirit-filled, thought-provoking and life-changing! Our Jewels RealTalk are normally held the 4th Tuesday of every month unless we have a special program or event planned. We invite you to join us on our call. Stay posted to our website for upcoming details.



Jewels Chat & Chew

Jewels Chat & Chew is usually held quarterly (3rd Saturday) usually between 3 to 5 pm. We want to start this back up.  All we need are a few interested young ladies and it's a go! This is where young ladies and adult women come together to chat about topics that will encourage, edify and empower us to bring us closer together as godly women as we partake of light delicacies along with fun-filled activities. Bring your sister friend to one of our chat and chews. You will be pleasantly surprised how much fun you will have as you connect with your sisters! You're INVITED!!! Stay posted to our site for upcoming details of our next one.

Jewels Advocacy & Outreach

Jewels is very passionate about advocating for worthy causes and participating in outreach. We also advocate and partner with other organizations for worthy causes that the team has genuinely had to experience such life-changing circumstances through friends and/or their family members. We advocate for Passionately Pink Breast Cancer Awareness through the Susan G. Komen Foundation, Healthy Nutrition and Food for School-Age Children through the American Heart Association (AHA). We have and will continue to reach out to the women and children and girls shelters in Maryland. We have serviced the Helen G. Smith Girls Shelter in Maryland in the past. Also, we advocate and participate in the Salvation Army Children's Annual Angel Tree Program and No Woman, No Cry "Stop The Silence of Domestic Violence. There are several outreach endeavors that Jewels Advocacy and the Outreach Team spearhead. If interested in joining one of the teams, and you have a heart and passion for advocacy and outreach, Join our team! You may share your interest by emailing:

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