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Team Goals & Purpose

The team is comprised of diverse women of God with a diversity of skill sets. They are an awesome team of women who love to serve God's people . We want to connect with you. We are purposed to present the best teaching, coaching, life-skills and biblical principles, to bring young ladies together to mentor and cultivate their God-given gifts through the ministry of spiritual dance through our Gems Dance Outreach Program. Also, not just through spiritual dance but we take great pleasure in offering the best group and mentoring sessions, programs, retreats, workshops, conferences, pre-marital and marital counseling, at-risk youth counseling, funeral and bereavement services as well as spirit and fun-filled trips to edify and empower one another. We are dedicated and committed to serving the needs of every Jewel that connects with us and become actively engaged with our ministry; one Jewel at a time.

We Connect, Empower and share our gifts and talents to make a difference within ourselves, our families, our communities and the world.

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