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Jewels Women of Worth (WOW) EmPowerment & Worship EnCounter

Jewels purpose is to bring young ladies and adult women together through spirit-filled programs, workshops, conferences, and retreats! We sponsor these special occasions with the intent and purposes to connect and establish closer godly relationships with our Sisters-in-Christ and to be a blessing to one another and to the people of God. We Encourage, Engage, Equip, Enlighten and Empower our Sisters-in-Christ. We have not forgotten our youth. Our youth track called "God's Gems", "God's Girls" and "Young Ladies of Purpose" (YLOP) is included in our conference for all of God's Girls of all ages. We are all God's Daughters. Our WOW Conference is normally held annually the 1st or 2nd week of October during  the Columbus Day Weekend.  Stay posted to our website and join our mailing list to keep informed and j oin us at one or all of our upcoming events. Our 4th Annual WOW 2020 Empowerment & Worship Conference was cancelled due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.  God willing and should Christ delay His Coming!; we are prayerfully planning to have some exciting things planned just for You!  For further details, click on our website link above. WOW website is currently under construction.

Jewels Fun-Filled Field Trips and Events

Jewels believe if we work hard then we should play hard! We enjoy sponsoring fun and spirit-filled trips that the whole family can participate! One of our favorite field trips is sponsoring a bus trip to the Extraordinary "Sight and Sound Theater" located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. We have a ball on our bus trips! including , shopping at the outlet malls, having a great lunch together and then taking in a live spectacular play. No one brings the Bible to Life better than the Sight and Sound Theater!!!! If you have never been to one of there SPECTACULAR PLAYS, you owe it to yourself and family to attend one! Join us for our next bus trip to Lancaster. You will leave there TOTALLY AMAZED!!!! Stay posted to our website for upcoming details about our next bus trip to the Sight and Sound Theater Post-Pandemic.

Jewels Gala & BlackTie Extravaganza

Jewels Gala and Black Tie Extravaganza is where the team comes together to celebrate the year's service accomplishment collectively together and we invite all our friends, family and supporters to join us. This is a special formal occasion where we ladies get all dressed up and the guys get decked out and we have a wonderful time, delicious banquet of food and live entertainment. Tickets are sold for a reasonable cost. Come and celebrate with us at this special event. We plan on doing this event every other year! Stay posted to our site for upcoming details.

Jewels BibleTalk Group

Jewels Bible Talk Group is our Bible Study Group on Facebook.  Every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month at 8 pm EST. We have a different person to teach Bible Study/Prayer Live in our group.  Let's get enCourage through the Word of God.  Join our Jewels BibleTalk Group. If interested, in teaching now of our Bible Studies, please send email to  Join Us!

Jewels Spotlight 

Jewels Spotlight is about shining the light on business owners, entrepreneurs, ministries, authors, hand-maidens in the market place for worship and arts, the arts ministry, poets, and spoken word artists, comedians, etc.  If you have a service or a gift, talent or special resource; we want to spotlight you. Jewels Spotlight is in our Jewels Kingdom Artists Group on Facebook.  Jewels Spotlight is every 2nd Tuesday of the Month in our Jewels Kingdom Artist Group at 

8 pm EST.  If you are interested in being one of our Spotlight candidates, please send an email to Join Us!

WOW's Diamonds Table Discussions

WOW's Diamond Table Discussions is held in Women of Worth (WOW) Group on Facebook.  Here we discuss relative conversations and discussions for and about women or topics of interests.  These are real discussions to help us connect, engage learn and grow collectively together as Sisters-in-Christ.  WOW's Diamond Table Discussion are held every 4th Saturday in our group Live at 8 pm EST.  If you have a great sizzling topic you would like to discuss or would like to be apart of a panel discussion, please contact us, at  Join Us!

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